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Bath and Shower Tile surrounds

Bath Tile surrounds are an exquisite wall to add beauty and durability to a shower or bath. Tile wall surrounds may surround a bath tub, shower, custom pan shower, hot tub and any thing you may wish to make imperious to flowing water. Shower surrounds commonly have a shower niche AKA wall insert for shampoo bottles. They may or may not have tile trim composed of metal or tile.

Care and maintenance are can more or less intensive but generally need to be cleaned every year or so. Porcelain tile may cost slightly more to install but are often tempered and entirely water proof there fore they resist mildews and soap scum. ceramic is slightly more porous but easier to install saving time and money. ceramic may incur more cleaning unless its with a grout or other type of sealer.

Grout options are large in variety and quality. it is most important to cautious about your grout type than tile in my opinion. Epoxy grout would generally be the most durable and impervious to stains but is the most expensive. Other quality grouts would be Mapei Brand grouts that have added polymers for durability and stain resistance. Its important to note that products like grout improve over the years and the end line consumer may have information that the installer does have therefore its critical to communicate your expectations and desirable products and or outcome

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling isn’t all that different from an other type of remodel except one caveat: prestige. The Kitchen is where we spend a significant portion of our most engaged mind. If if you don’t cook often you’ll likely at least entertain guests therefore the Kitchen becomes the gallery of what your home has to offer. Whether you need additional oak cabinets or a full kitchen remodel we can help with our time and or resources.

We also specialize in tile counter tops, islands and backslashes.


A&J Handyman has been serving the Tri-state of KY, OH, and WV since 2015. Our team centers around Joshua Thompson, the owner and Cabe Dowden. We specialize in different subjects in an effort to offer the widest possible value we can offer. Joshua has 15 years of experience in remodeling residential properties and Cabe has a lifetime of experience with tree cutting, bartering, painting, and all of the weird things you did not know you needed. Did you know toggle worms are not only a noun but a desirable fishing lure? that’s the wormhole of knowledge that a conversation with Cabe will achieve.

Cabe cutting a downed tree.
Joshua Thompson with wife Amanda and daughter Annie. This photo was taken after a drill weekend


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