Hardwood flooring and solid surface flooring

Floor may be one of the more considerable materials you place in your home. When most people think of solid surface flooring, they think of hardwood flooring when in reality there are many options to consider. Flooring must last likely for decades, it needs to be durable for your home’s purposes and most importantly, beautify your lifestyle. While we can do virtually any type of flooring: concrete, 3/4 hardwood, click and lock laminate, Engineered plywood veneer, tile among a few, choosing not only the type but also the color requires thought.

after photo with hardwood, new chair and crown moulding

Hardwood, In general, is a balanced choice with many pros and few drawbacks. The cost for material starts around $3 a square ft for a Prefinished and averages about $4.5 a square ft for most woods we install. Hardwood is durable, may recover after acute water damage, requires little care, may be refinished like a whole new floor, is imperfect like any natural product. It may not be ideal for high traffic areas without consistent care.

Click in lock laminate is an outstanding choice for a budget minded homeowner seeking a detail oriented floor. Click in lock laminate comes in a large variety of colors, is consistently manufactured unlike a natural product, great for medium traffic with little care but may be greatly affected by water damage.

Tile flooring, is an excellent balanced choice with low or high end cost consideration. Tile can imitate hardwood, look earthen, or an entirely modern feel. The largely overlooked consideration with tile is a quality grout. A quality grout will save years of cleaning turmoil. We recommend using an epoxy grout on high use surfaces like a counter top and we prefer Mapei color lock for everything else.