Picking Paints Like a Pro

Here’s a topic topic that can destroy a relationship, waste money and bring in undo stress into your home OR…bring you a sense of meaning and purpose into the subconscious mind while alleviating stress: The paints which reside in your home.

I’m not speaking about the chemical compositions or the VOC odor odor of your paints, i’m simply talking about the colors. The colors of your room send you a message whether you are aware or not. A few examples of which are yellows. I will gladly pick on yellow because its my least favorite color but not without good reason. Yellow causes stress and anxiety, especially in me as well as many others giving credence to the old phrase phrase “turning yellow” indicating someone was not up to an adventurous task. Under these premises, Yellow makes a terrible large scale wall color; it can however make an excellent accent color wall or accent pillows on furniture. Did you know that Red stimulates appetite, making a wonderful dining room wall color; or perhaps cooler blues and greens are great in bedrooms to ease the mind for sleep.

While its daunting to learn just how grossly color affects our lives there is an easy and fast way to pick out colors like a pro; use pallet books provided at Sherwin-Williams, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Color Pallet books will make it difficult to screw up matching colors AS LONG AS you keep it simple and pick the colors that are in one book. Yes you can keep the same pallet book through whole house or switch it up room by room. It is advised to stick to one pallet in open concept rooms. Remember that these books are complimentary from the paint retailer and is my biggest secret to getting stunning end results. 

Power play of the Day: Accent wall to contrast the ole’ primary wall color routine. In bedrooms, where we lay our gentle heads to rest from the stress of the day I love to recommend an accent color. Yes the two colors are picked from pallet book to ensure they match. The accent wall, generally, is against the headboard in the bedroom. In a living its a good idea to accent the theater wall. The primary wall color is everything else.

Lastly, below is an example of how the color pallets let you win in an open concept room. Four colors are shown, all matching.

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